In today’s competitive business landscape companies seek an advantage to increase their market share, improve their image and communicate their vision to their customers - Veritango is that advantage!

About Our Company

Veritango is the preferred sales and marketing company for many of Canada's most well established companies. Our team of trained professionals can adapt to any market, industry, product or service - giving us the dexterity to attract and retain a high volume of customers, drive profits, and deliver well beyond client targets.

By partnering with Veritango to facilitate new customer acquisitions companies are able to increase their market share and are free to concentrate on what makes them truly great - delivering quality products and services!

In a world where technology constantly changes how companies reach out to their target audience, one thing is certain: every brand needs an ambassador. Our professional team of business and sales consultants can be key difference makers between good and great results. 


Map of Canada

With a goal to net more clients, and provide Western Canada with the best in direct marketing, Veritango is also keen to grow outside this region.
Currently, our network extends across the country and represents a diverse portfolio of clients, in a variety of industries. Prospective Canadian expansion opportunities include (but are not limited to):

  • Toronto (GTA)
  • Montreal
  • Vancouver
  • Ottawa
  • Halifax
  • Edmonton

American and European expansion is a top priority.


A great place to do great work. Challenging assignments. Winning as a team. Opportunities to learn and grow.
Veritango provides a dynamic and professional environment where training and development is a key to our success.
Our professionalism, integrity, and hard work enables us to achieve our goals and deliver for our clients; and these are qualities we seek in prospective team members. We are looking for professionals who are out-going, self-motivated, driven and passionate about success.
Sales and marketing experience is not a pre-requisite as we train comprehensively; we do, however require individuals to strive to achieve their best results. 
Training and development provided for (but not limited to) the following areas:

  • Direct sales and marketing
  • Developing client campaigns
  • Professional presentations and meetings
  • Public speaking
  • Team-building activities
  • Leadership
  • Management

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who are the clients?

A: We represent large reputable companies in various industries such as:

  • Telecommunications
  • Merchant Processing
  • Energy
  • IT/Technologies
  • Water
  • Security/Automation

Due to confidentiality agreements our clients' brand names are withheld.

Q. What is the average income for entry level candidates?

A: Compensation is based solely on performance. Great results yield great returns. We believe strongly that you should get back what you put in. Average entry level compensation ranges from a low of $35K, to a high of $75K in commissions. However this range is not binding and there are opportunities for advancement and increases in earning potential.

Q. What would my responsibilities be as a junior representative?

A: Each campaign is designed to meet both client and customer needs, therefore the responsibilites will also vary depending on which client and campaign you are working with.

All campaigns are composed of:

  • Direct sales and marketing
  • Team management/support
  • In-house creative sessions; customer presentations
  • Leadership and management development and training

Q. How do I acquire customers for the clients?

A: We acquire customers for our clients in a variety of ways. Face to face is our specialty. This includes:

  • Leads
  • Prospecting and cold calling
  • Business to business sales and consulting
  • Business to consumer sales and consulting
  • Trade shows and special events
  • Retail Sales

Q. Do I require my own vehicle?

A: No. Public transportation (bus, shuttle, LRT) provide more than enough accessibility to fulfill the responsibilities of a junior representative; a vehicle, while not at all required can be beneficial.

Q. Veritango does not...


  • Telemarket
  • Direct mail / spam


Our Location

  • Veritango
  • 4020, 909 - 17th Ave SW
  • Calgary AB
  • T2T 0A4

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